Neighbors of Hope

Become a Neighbor of Hope

NOH-crying-girl-238x149When asked, "Who is my neighbor?" Jesus told the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37). The moral of this gripping tale is clear: Being a good neighbor means showing mercy to those in need.

After helping his suffering neighbor find relief, the Good Samaritan showed mercy to the wounded man by paying for his shelter while he recovered from his wounds. At Springs Rescue Mission, thousands of your suffering neighbors find food, care, shelter and the opportunity to recover from their wounds. Above all, they find hope.

You can show mercy to those in need by partnering with Springs Rescue Mission. Be a good neighbor! Become a Neighbor of Hope by giving $32 or more a month.

What's Involved

Neighbors of Hope...

  • Give monthly to support the ongoing work of Springs Rescue Mission
  • Receive regular updates and insider information regarding the neighbors we serve, homelessness, and local issues
  • Receive special opportunities to connect through volunteering
  • Are removed from our regular mailing lists

Sign Up Now

Becoming a Neighbor of Hope is a great way to make a significant difference, and it’s easy to sign up! To join with a credit card, just click the "Sign Up" button below. If you wish to sign up by any other payment method, please call us at (719) 314-2346.

Thank you for being a good neighbor!